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FIFA 18: Perfectly different version for the switch

The FIFA series will get a new offshoot next to the PC as well as Sony's PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox on the Nintendo Switch. fifa 18 ultimate team hack coins and points Whether the Nintendo version really listens to the name of FIFA 18, however, is more than questionable: because separately from FIFA 18, EA lists the switch variant as part of the lineup for the game fair E3 individually as EA SPORTS ?? FIFA on the Nintendo Switches on, so without corresponding number of years behind it.

The fact that a particular version of FIFA 18 has been released for the switch has already been known for some time (see the first article in this news ticker). The fact that EA avoids the specification of an annual number suggests two possibilities: Either the switch variant differs fundamentally from the versions of other end devices, Gratuit FIFA 18 Coins that it must ultimately be viewed as a separate title, or EA plans the release only next year. Both would not be good news for switch owners. As soon as new information becomes available, you will find it in this news ticker.

FIFA 18: EA reveals new details

It is no real surprise: EA has confirmed that FIFA 18 will appear in the second quarter of 2017. In the same period is also the release of Madden 18, NBA Live 18 as well as NHL 18 planned. Fire Emblems Heroes The company still hides a concrete release date; Should EA not completely deviate from the procedure of the last years, fans are likely to expect a release in September.

FIFA 18, like its predecessor, FIFA 17, should also include a story mode to make football simulations interesting for single players. In the meantime, a video showing the FIFA 18 menu and a confirmation of Paul Pogba as a cover figure has been unmasked as a fake.

DFL rewrites Bundesliga rights

The DFL has renewed the rights for the football league for the coming years. Shadow Fight 3 By March 27, companies can apply for three different licenses. The most important thing for players is the licensing of match simulations, which is true for games like FIFA and PES. FIFA manufacturer EA is expected to be a preferred partner for the new tender as a long-standing partner.

The FIFA series has shined for years through an extensive license package. EA has the sole license in the German Bundesliga, which mainly affects the purchase decision of German players. Fans of Pro Evolution Soccer have a look here.

It is questionable whether the DFL once again assigns the license package exclusively to a company, in order to take a lot of money at a stroke - or instead licenses to a number of manufacturers and thus extends to a larger range. As soon as a decision has been made, you will find it here.

FIFA 18: Switch Trailer shows first scenes

As has been known for some time, FIFA 18 will appear on the Nintendo Switch in a special version (see the previous post). In Japan, a new trailer for Nintendo's upcoming console has been released, which, in addition to other games, Brawl Stars also showcases first games from FIFA 18. You can find the video right under this post.

The fact that the trailer actually shows FIFA 18 and not another FIFA is not fully confirmed, but according to recent statements by EA-COO Peter Moore would be very surprised if the trailer would place an older FIFA in the focus. All too much should not be interpreted in the play sequences shown since FIFA 18 should be in an early development phase. As soon as new information about FIFA 18 is available, we will inform you in the news ticker here.


Post by fifa18tipscheat (2017-08-13 04:36)


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